Yigüirro: National Bird

Do you know why Ticos Knows when raining is coming ?

We have an amazing bird that call the rain with the beautiful singing

El Yigüirro (Turdus grayi) was declared a national bird as a tribute to its powerful and melodious song that accompanies the entrance of the rainy season.

The Turdus Grayi is one of the best known because, apart from its abundance, it is very notable for its early song of the rainy season and has been chosen as the National Bird of Costa Rica. Other common names include clay-colored robin.


It got its place in the national symbols list sponsored by the poet Eliseo Gamboa and the deputy Deseado Barboza. The reasons that led to the declaration of the yiguirro as National Bird, is based on the fact that this bird has long been very familiar to Costa Ricans, because it lives very close to the houses and its name is often mentioned in typical songs, Stories and literary works of Costa Rican authors.

As the rainy season approaches, the males of the yiguirros chant for much of the day. The Yigüirros are use to live in both Urban and Rural areas. Making it very common in the entire country.