Warm waters, rich marine life, reasonable rates, good food, friendly people… Playas del Coco is a Fascinating diving Travel Destinations .


This coastal village invite you to smell the Pure Life under the water discovering another world.

There are many legally operated dive centres, where you can get certifications, training, tours, etc.

Playas del Coco  which is rated one of the best diving places in Costa Rica has a rich marine wildlife and well-developed diving tourism.

The water is clear, the sea life is plentiful, and transport and accommodations are readily available. Diving here  is comparatively cheap, and once you have achieved your certification , you can use it to scuba dive all over the world.

What you can See and Where?

Papaygayo Gulf the Catalinas Islands are one of the best places to see manta rays and schooling rays and the nearby Bat Islands host congregating bull sharks. Also common in the waters nearby are amberjacks, coronet fish, grunts, octopus and moray eels.

During December to May there is a good chance to swim with migrating whale sharks.

For more information,  package that included accomodation, PADI certification, etc feel free to contact us

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