When the praying is done, it is time to gain weight.Traditionl Easter Food in Costa Rica

Because eat meat during the Easter week is considered a sinful, Ticos have food for that week to keep the respect of the Catholic tradition.

Special foods are a part of Holy Week. Here some of them:

Chiverre (Cucurbita ficifolia) which is a vegetable similar to pumpkin that we prepare a honey and it is very complicated to make it. It has to be bought, quartered and dried for weeks prior to Easter. The dried squash chunks are cooked in butter and sugar or Tape de dulce until the mixture forms a sweet, sticky paste. This jelly-like delicacy can be smeared on bread, rolled into dessert Empanadas or eaten right out of the jar. You wil need a  hammer to break it open!!!

Flor de Itabo, If it’s the Easter season, the time has come to cut some flor de itabo(Yucca elephantipes)  flowers for a slightly bitter addition to the daily diet.  Bring salted water to a boil in a saucepan. Add yucca flowers and cook over moderate heat until crisp-tender, about 5 minutes. Drain and transfer to a plate. Heat oil or lard in a skillet over medium high. Add yucca flowers and eggs. Scramble eggs in skillet until eggs arecooked. Add salt and pepper to taste. It can be cooked as a vegetable with meat like in a “picadillo” or with potatoes.

“Rosquillas”, “tanelas”, and corn meals.  Rosquillas(corn rings)  are  traditional Costa Rican baked good made from corn flour rolled with dry cheese and bake in a clay/mud oven. Tanelas are  kind of white corn biscotti ,a sweet and salty bread from the Guanacaste region, which are made with a corn base and cooked in an earthenware oven and nother corn meal like tamal pisque, tamal asado, and others.

Jocotada.Consisting of a tropical fruit known as “jocote” meaning “mumbin”, and honey based syrup. The ingredients for this dish are: jocotes, honey, sugar and aromatic powders like cinnamon, clove and panela. The preparation is very easy and quick as the fruits are simmered in the honey and sugar based syrup until they become golden brown and tender, like a kind of preserved fruit. Jocotada are served at the end of a meal, as a sweet part of it, or as a common treat with other candied fruits, usually being eaten with a spoon from a plate or a deep bowl. Another meal that we made similar like this is Miel de Mango (Mango Honey), the difference is instead aof Jocote we use Mango fruit. Also instead of sugar we can use Tape de Dulce .

Miel de Maranon: It is similar like Jocotada but made with Cashew fruits, and we add lemon juice also when the cashew is cooking. Just put l the cashew fruits without the nuts, the sugar, clove, cinnamon, and lemon juice to cook .

Fish meal: The favorite food in this week , but BE CAREFUL with Red tide. Meat is forbidden so Costa Ricans eat all types of seafood, especially canned sardines and tuna. There are plies of canned fish on display in supermarkets at this time of year.  The favorite is Ceviche,in general, ceviche combines raw seafood and vegetables which are marinated and “cooked” in citrus juice and then served as an appetizer (boca or tapa) or entrée with other trimmings.

But also you can enjoy many different kind of meals made with a big varity of fish, sellfish, from the ocean nd river :

 Tuna, Dorado, Snapper, Amberjack, Mackeral, Tilapia, Guapotes. Whatever is you fish selection take in consideration that fish  price will be almost double for Easter Week.

And Becasue I am not a great cooker and I little lazy I will stock my house with a lot of Tuna Can , and I will share this easy and fast receipe with Tuna can, it is not traditional but for A single person like me it is perfect:

Open a tuna Can, Drain tuna, add mayo salt & pepper, put on bread for sandwhich 🙂

I am accepting invitation for Tanelas y Rosquillas with Coffee


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