El pilon

Is a wooden mortar and pestle of great size used to peal grains in general, but most commonly used for pealing rice in Costa Rica. It is an instrument that has been used widely around the world for a long time.

Most “Pilones” in Costa Rica were typically made from heavier and more durable hard woods, like “iron wood”. In Costa Rica it was a culinary instrument and was a typical element in any colonial kitchen.

In other parts of the world these mortars and pestles were made of materials like metal or granite, and their uses were also varied, like for example in Asia, where huge mortars were manufactured to grind meat and in ancient Greece some were used to break stones for buildings

El Pilon  was used by our grandparents to get coffee, rice, and corn, was one of the most important objects in the last century and in almost every home in the country use to had one for  farming and when they  fulfill the life that  can be 50 to 75 years the families use them like nests for the hens lay their eggs, or to feed the horses, give them grass, salt, among others.

In 2011 Luis Rojas and Luis MAdrigal from Sarchi decided to build the Biggest Pilon in the World, made with a huge Ceiba wood,  it weight 5 tons, measuring 2500 inches, has 3-foot-long, one meter wide with 55 cm diameter,it has a circumference of 5.20 meters and the wood was  from Talamanca forest.

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