El Cadejos : Costa Rican Legend

“El Cadejos” is one of the most popular legend in Costa Rica. “El Cadejos” is some type of devilish creature, that looks like a vicious dog, and that appeared only to those who dare to walk those lone dark trails under the influence of the alcohol.

The legends do not belong to a specific place, they change  by the migration of people … El Cadejo is a constant legend  in many cultures,it’s called  the readjustment mythmaking and mythsreincersion .El cadejos has many adaptacion  and record from  Colombia to Mexico …

In Costa Rica also we have cuople of adaptation of the legend. It was originally a young boy with a penchant for partying. His father turned the boy into a big black dog destined to roam the streets at night in.

El Cadejosby http://vectorizingbp.deviantart.com/

LenchoSalzar, a costarican song writer and singer described very well in his song :

Spanish. Me jui pa´la cantina que´s que a traer un diario y me encontré a Camilo que aun trago me invitó.

Mechazo tras mechazo salí bien jumitico, la una de la de mañana daban en un reloj.

Del otro lao´ del puente pasando el río Virilla, coji pa´la otra orilla, a una necesidá


De pronto yo vide´ algo como un zagüate negro de ojos como tizones y mirada infernal

Pelaba los colmillos el condenao pizuicas y se oían las cadenas en el hojarascal

Me encomendé a Tatica y salí sin pantalones como semilla e- guaba pensando que iba atrás


Y con la lengua ajuera me fui llegando a casa del susto que llevaba no les podía ni hablar

Se me aflojó la panza y medio tataretas con unas cuantas tuzas sali para el solar

Pa´ terminar el cuento yo les voy a contra pero el que ve al Cadejos no vuelve a trasnochar

Englisg: I went to the saloon, with the excuse to buy the food, I found my friend Camilo who invited me for a drink.

Shot after shot all night, I left completely drunk, the clock chimed 1 am when I finally left

Over the river Virilla, at the other side of the bridge, I went to the other shore to relieve myself

Suddenly I saw something like a black vicious dog, with eyes like burning logs and an infernal gaze

The SOB devil showed his teeth and you could hear the noise of the chains in the dry leaves

I prayed to God Almighty and left without my pants, running like hell while thinking he was behind

With my tongue hanging out I barely made it home, so scared I almost could not speak

I got a runny stomach, and feeling pretty dizzy, with some corn cobs at hand I rushed to the back yard

Folks to end the story I tell you that he who sees Cadejos not ever stay up partying late again


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