Costa Rica Lantern Parade

The Latern parade ( Faroles) recalls the historic moment happened  1821, when the news of the country’s independence. It is mentioned that it was Maria Dolores Bedoya who bravely walked through the streets of Guatemala on the night of September 14th, 1821 with a lantern in her hand inviting people to meet at the plaza opposite to the town hall, where the provincial councils of Guatemala gathered including Chiapas, Honduras and El Salvador.

Their goal was to put pressure on politicians in order to sign the Declaration of Independence  “Viva la Patria”, “Viva la Libertad”. This tradition continued by decorating the houses with patriotic colors and making parades with faroles on every 14th of September at six in the evening in remembrance of the heroic act of Maria Dolores Bedoya. The night lights up with the remembrance of the news of freedom.

Here is a simple guide of how make a lantern with reusable materials.

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