June 2012 in Costa Rica.. Another Exciting month in the Paradise

Live in Costa Rica is a exiting experience and you don’t want miss nothing. This is a information for you about Events that will happen in Costa Rica this month. I will be updating in advance  more events

Pre-Selection Surfing Master Cup: June 2nd

Surf Federation of Costa Rica (FSC) has announced the first event of the class to come to pre-select athletes for Nicaragua 2012. The Masters Cup will be held on  June 2nd in Hermosa beach, Jaco, in front of  Backyard Hotel. The Inscription will be Friday 1st from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm in the hotel.

Creole Honey Fair: June 10th to the 12th, 2012.

Visitors can come to the Creole Honey Fair, which takes place every year, this time from June 10th to the 12th, 2012The fair is set in Aguas Zarcas of San Carlos and is arranged by the Meliponiculture Association of Costa Rica (ASOMELI). It’s a communal initiative that tries to promote the culinary, cultural and sport attractions of the town.

June marks the start of the Creole Honey Fair, which promotes meliponiculture (beekeeping with stingless bees). In this activity the visitors can find quality honey as well as other products like royal jelly and pollen. You can participate in several activities, like planting trees, going through the meliponary (place where the bees are kept), horseback riding, fishing and canopy.

Sports fishing contest in Papagayo June 6 to 9:

Presidential Papagayo Cup June 6 to 9, sponsored by the Instituto Costarricense de Turismo.

The Papagayo Cup event is being hosted by Marina Papagayo. The location is in northwest Costa Rica, which organizers say is in the heart of the country’s summer marlin and sailfish ground

The cup contest is one of the Presidential Challenge series dedicated to the conservation and protection of billfish and inshore gamefish.


June Solstice ( Summer Solstice): June 20 at 17:09

A solstice is an astronomical event that happens twice each year when the Sun reaches its highest position in the sky as seen from the North or South Pole. In Costa Rica the sun will rise at 5:18 a.m., will cross the meridian at 11:38 am and will hide at 5:58 pm,  giving the day 12 hours 40 minutes, only 1 hour and 10 minutes longer than our shortest day during the December solstice.

Source: http://www.cientec.or.cr/astronomia/equinoccios.html

Transit of Venus: June 5

An amazing celestial event will take place on June 5t.The unique event consists of the rare transit of the planet Venus right across the face of the Sun. In modern history, this astronomical event has only happened six times in the past, and it will not become visible again until 2117. In Costa Rica will see it in evening time.


Costa Rica vrs Guatema for World Cup qualifying :

Friday 01 June 2012, 08:00pm Costa Rica Vrs Guatemana. Mateo Flores Stadium Heredia, Costa Rica.

Friday 08 June 2012, 08:00pm Costa Rica Vrs El Salavador . National Stadium La Sabana, San Jose

Internationla Concerts:

June 4 Fito Paez is coming to play in Palacios de los Deportes, Heredia and June 3 will be Enrique Bunbury.

Triatlón Pinilla JW Marriott, Guanacaste / Serie Triatlón BMW Costa Rica 2012 : June 30.

III Triathlon Serie will be in Pinilla, Guanacaste. The last date was in Playas del coco. This is the most important Triathlon Event in the country.  More info in www.triatloncostarica.com

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