September 9th: Children’s Day in Costa Rica

In initiative of the Board of the National Foundation for Children, from July 12, 1946, we celebrate Children’s Day on  September 9th of each year. The President on that date Mr. Teodoro Picado was formally celebrate this day by decree. The importance of this day is to remark the respect and ensure the rights of each persons under age 18.

It is a holiday for all children and teenagers in Costa Rica. Schools from all over the country will celebrate that day with party.  But the main idea is to highlight the importance of comprehensive and happy development of each children as part of a society where we must provide them protection, respect and love  for a healthy process to adulthood.

Rights of Children: Children and adolescents have the right to:

  • The right to an education (even in cases of physical or mental disabilities).
  • The right to receive medical attention.
  • Than adults, the family, the government, institutions and society respect their rights.
  • The right to have a family.
  • In all  decisions, their interests always must to prevail.
  • The right to enjoy a happy childhood and adolescence, to love and to be loved.
  • The right to make mistakes in order to learn and grow
  • The right to a name and a nationality.
  • The right to receive protection against discrimination (age, sex, color, religion, or culture).
  • The right to not work if said work may interrupt with health, development or education.
  • The right to receive protection against all forms of exploitation and/or abuse.
  • The right to express their opinion, and have their opinions respected.

So Happy Children’s day. Let’s enjoy it together and bring out the child in you.

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