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Informative Space:

My costa Rica Bella is a Informative Blog to share information about Costa Rica, culture, people, traditions, activities , rental vacations and Amazing destination. Made by  cool Tica Folk living and eating the Pura Vida Life.

She writes about What to be a”Tico” means, about tradition, history and general Culture of  this unique country. If you just relocate, or think to move  here , it is important to know  what it is like to live here,  basics such as holidays, food,activities, new places to visit beside the touristic ones, and more.

She will show some secrets and tips that many people doesn’t know , even who live in Costa Rica for long time.

Rental Vacation:

   We have a comfortable condo just few minutes walking from most beautiful beach of Guanacaste. Ideal beaches to swing, sportfishing, snorkeling, scuba diving and relax. Long and Short term.  Price from $80 per night , fully furnished, pool and A/C.

In the Coast, in the County or in the Mountain.




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