Costa Rica is one of the 20 countries with most biodiversity in the world and it hosts the largest groupings on earth; approximately 500.000 species live in only 51.000 km2 (which represents .03% of the world’s total surface) and 589.000 km2 of oceans, that is, nearly 4% of the total estimated species in the world. Some of this species can only be found in Costa Rica, which makes its preservation a matter of global significance.  The country is acknowledged for its outstanding efforts to protect its biodiversity through a web of protected areas that cover more than 25% of its territory.

Hummingbirds photo@ICT


The country has a bit more than 25% of its territory under some kind of protection and is constantly increasing thanks to private investors, by creating private reservoirs specially dedicated to ecotourism and research.  This is a conservation effort done by very few countries in the world, and in which, Costa Rica has invested big for present and future generations.


Completing the national work in legal matters, there are several agreements signed and reaffirmed by Costa Rica in regional and international matter, such as the Biological Diversity, which controls the trafficking of endangered species, called CITES, and the Wetlands or RAMSAR among many other.

Osos Perezoso/Sloth

Resource: INbio Costa Rica

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