Have you ever seen a beach with black sand? Because of the product of lava deposits from the country’s more than 50 volcanoes, you’ll find black sand beaches in Costa Rica. One of this beach is Playa Frijolar , located on the south coast of Guanacaste Province. An amazing place near the small town of Marbella, rural community.

This wonderful, secluded beach has an incredible particularity in which instead of sand the beach has small rocks and shell pieces. There are also couple very interesting sheltered tide pools here that are interesting to explore.

This is a relatively unknown beach and therefore remains mostly uncrowded. Juxtaposed dramatically with the blues of the Pacific and the greens of the surrounding hills, this stretch of sand makes for a one-of-a-kind getaway.

The beach itself is lined by rows of native tree as Papaturro , Mariquitas and coconut palms. The shade under the centenary Papaturro Tree is a good place to hang out because the black sand can get very hot in the sunlight. The “locals” will tell you many histories under that shady tree ?

This tree was planted more than 100 years ago by first local families that originally lived in Frijolar Beach. They were relocated to the Actual Marbella Town by the Government.

Because is a rural area, many of us here call this “the real Costa Rica” because it is largely un-spoiled and remote. There are some Cowboys that have grazing pasture well past the very ‘end of the road’, so you will be lucky to see herd of cattle close and frolicking along the beach.

Swimming at Frijolar Beach

Swimming at Frijolar Beach is possible but be careful when going into the water because there can be strong currents at times. Bring water shoes if you have them because the black sand on the beach gets hot quickly in the sun and there are many rocks in the water that can be painful when stepped on.

Facilities at Frijolar Beach

Thee is no dedicated parking area but you can stay with car close to the beach. No restroom facilities. Lifeguards are present at the beach. Stay out of the water if the surf is high. No outdoor shower in the beach area.

The two nearest supermarkets are in Marbella Town; Mini Super Y Licorera Marbella located right in the center of town and Minisuper y Licorera El Pollo located one block ahead .

Also the town has two small “Tico” Restaurant called Soda Victoria next to “El Pollo” Supermaket and Soda Ferreteria next to the local lumber store.

There are a couple of hostel and hotels in the area, which our Virtual Assistant can give you a FREE Guide information as soon you contact her.

Coloured stones and pebbles along the shoreline in Frijolar

Directions to Frijolar Beach

Frijolar beach is located in Marbella, Cuajiniquil district, canton of Santa Cruz, Guanacaste. 93 km (approximately 1h 50 min) from the Daniel Oduber International Airport (LIR) located in Liberia. The route is paved in 73 km and a 22 km ballast road, we recommended 4wd/4×4.

Activities at Frijolar Beach

The beach is easily accessible from the small town Marbella and is one of our recommended activities while spending time in Frijolar beach is Surfing or walk around the beach so you experience the unique feeling of black sand between your toes and colorful pebbles that make up the shore.

Naturally, tourists can’t seem to help themselves when it comes to picking up one or two of the tempting little rocks and taking them home as souvenirs. But the practice is causing some real, detrimental impacts on the environment.

You can either drive to Pitahaya beach, San Juanillo Beach , Ostional Beach or take a short but rewarding walk to the nearest trails and likely see all kinds of wildlife along the way including many species of birds and monkeys. A number of large families of Howler Monkeys live throughout Frijolar Beach, Birds and animals move freely through the landscape close by.

 The locals believe the cows like the salty water because it helps keep away the parasites

If you don’t want to walk, we recommend you scenic riding tours on the beautiful black sand beach and the stunning surrounding. Regular rides are of approximately one-hour duration.

Discover the wonder of Costa Rica’s surprisingly beautiful black-sand beaches. Next time you’re on the beach, perhaps it would be better to just take some pretty Instagram photos.

Where To Stay

There are some comfortable places to stay in this area. If you are having difficulty finding, let our expert consultants guide your way

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