The beaches in Costa Rica have long been one of the best-kept secrets of Central America, but since then the countries coastal areas are now becoming more well known. There are beautiful beaches everywhere in Costa Rica, there is one particularly beach in Guanacaste that is extremely popular, San Juanillo Beach, this Hidden Jewel beach that can’t be missed.
The beach is in the form of a double embayment. The northern beach beyond the sand spit and headland is more secluded and peaceful. The main beach is semi circular with a golden coral sand. The swimming is protected due to a reef offshore.

What we LOVE:
The beaches are, for the most part, easily accessible. Just park your car under the nearest palm tree, grab your gear, and find a patch of sand in the sun or shade.
It honestly seemed as some sort of tropical paradise with the clearest water and white sand – a perfect place to relax. The vibe is fishing town and the scene is mellow and friendly.

Its a great place for kids who are just learning to snorkel to visit. The fish are bright and there are many different types to see in a small area and only a shirt distance from the shore. This dreamy beach has white sand, clear turquoise water and amazing view points. Additionally, it’s a less touristic beach in a very small town in a rural area so it’s perfect to see a more local area of Guanacaste.

So if you’re a beach lover who isn’t quite into beach bumming with large crowds and want to experience a Costa Rica less populated, here is one beach you have to put on your list, San Juanillo Beach. You prefer an uncrowded beach where you can get away from it all, so we would definitely opt for this unique Beach if you need a break from the city!

How to GET there:
Drive to Puntarenas and then take the highway towards Liberia until you reach Limonal, continue past the Friendship Bridge (Puente de La Amistad), continue to Santa Cruz and take the turn-off to 27 de Abril, Marbella and the San Juanillo. The road to the beach is unpaved, so it is better to drive slowly and carefully, preferably 4WD.

By bus? From San Jose to San Cruz: You can take a bus from San José to Santa Cruz Empresa Alfaro (506-22550775) leaves San Jose almost every 2 hours, the first buts leave at 5:00am and arrives in Santa Cruz at 11:00 am.
From Santa Cruz to San Juanillo: take the Bus Pez Vela company from Santa Cruz to San Juanillo, the San Juanillo Bus runs twice a day from Santa Cruz main bus stop. there 3 Schedule 4:00 am, 12:00md and 4:00 pm. The last bus back departs at 4:30 PM sharp.

By plane: You can also take a domestic flight from Juan Santamaría to Nosara.

What to DO:
• Surf: soft.
• Camping: yes.
• Snorkeling: yes.
• Restaurants: front beach Restaurant Cocobolo Beach.
• Nearby beaches: Ostional, Marbella, Lagarto, Pitahaya, Guiones and Garza.
• Paddle Board: yes
• Kayaking: yes
• Fishing: yes

Where to STAY:
Since this is becoming a popular destination, you can find plenty of basic accommodation options in San Juanillo Beach, perfect for people on a budget. You can also find some luxury villas and mid-range hotels. Many of these are up on the mountainsides overlooking the ocean and have refreshing breezes that you don’t find at beach level.
Our main recommendation for Hotel is Cocobolo Boutique Hotel , the only beachfront Hotel located in the area with Restaurant, just few steps from the white sand. Check our latest post about Cocobolo Boutique Hotel to know more information about this unique frontbench hotel and Restaurant.

While the rest of the world are sunning themselves on the City ,why not slip up the Guanacaste coast and have San Juanillo Beach on the stunning Nicoya Peninsula for yourself? A prime location for a day’s beach-bumming, San Juanillo Beach is postcard perfect with idyllic white sands surrounded by evergreen trees.
With few tourist facilities, this beach is popular with renegade travelers who are looking for a secluded beach paradise. An uncrowded spot with true jungle vibes, the atmosphere is enough for you to travel there from afar.

We can give a free guide information and arrange all your needs for your next trip , feel free to send us any question about this pristine destination at and our Virtual Assistance will be able any time.

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