One of the most interesting places to visit in the area of Costa Rica’s Guanacaste is Los Coyotes , a beautiful nature river pond.

Nothing like rural tourism, with this tour you will walk through paths until you reach the beautiful hidden river where you can enjoy the crystal clear water of the river and then you will go deeper until we reach the coyotes pond where tourists can go tubing.

Since it offers truly beautiful landscaping that is contrasted with the vibrant color of its waters, which is changing as the day unfolds, it is important to mention that this river has its limits with private farms.

It is an incredible visual attraction to watch how the color tones of the water change since the original contrast is blue but, as the hours of the day progress, it becomes intense blue which makes a spectacular game with the nature that surrounds this site.

If you are proficient in swimming, you can venture to swim so that you cross the canyon. In total, they are approximately 50 meters completely swimming.

Includes transportation, breakfast, lunch, entrance to hidden waterfall, ticket to poza los coyotes, trip coordinator and local guide.

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