Amapola Ranch In Upala, Alajuela For Sale

A beautiful Farm in located in Upala,Alajuela 70 119 sq.meters, without doubt one of the most ecologically diverse sites in the country.

Include a pool 6×8 meters, 2 apartments of 2 bedrooms fully furnished each one(60 m2) and A/C, Rancho BBQ with bathroom, fruit tree plantation, and vegetable already in production like (Tapioca, sugar cain, bananas.) Also Enough area to plant beans, rice or do any agricultural activity.

It has 2 entrance from main roads, principal gate made in solid wood, enclosed with barbed wire, corral made in wood  10m x 12 m. Located next to High School,

Very Rustic and familiar area, with  a lot of tree fruits, green  and beautiful gardens, and an amazing river just in front the property. Perfect for beef cattle, milk and horses

Apartment #1 fully furnished, 2 bedrooms, A/C, 60 m2 construction

The Rancho Amapola sits in front of the beautiful Pizote River (Called Nino also).  All the area is drained by the Pizote river which belongs to the Zapote river basin.

The Rancho has a rustic looks in with its surrounding environment, the jungle, the rural peace and wildlife. You will be enjoying the nature, forest, hut, animal habitat, monkeys,raccoons, toucans etc.

Pizote River, across the property

Excellent base from which to explore the region’s numerous natural wonders like:

National Refuge Caño Negro , the Venado Caves and their underground waterfall .

Volcán Tenorio National Park including the hike to the spectacularly blue Río Celeste.

Fishing in Pizote River, watchbird, jungle and more.

Two percent of the canton Of Upala  is made up of indigenous Maleku communities, descendants of the Guahisos —a Corobicí tribe that emigrated from the Central Valley to establish itself in the hillsides of the rivers Tonjibe, Venado, La Muerte, and Margarita.

Three of the Maleku towns (Margarita, El Sol, and Tonjibe) are open to tourists. See Fiesta del Maiz, a local celebration

There is a fair amount of public transportation passing through the town. At 15 minutes there is a gas station, banks, medical clinic, pharmacy, markets stores, etc.

There is a harware store in town and supermarket, bars and basic restaurants, school and high school.

The climate is hot with temperatures above 26 degrees Celsius (79 degrees Fahrenheit).

Especially for tourism development, agriculture, access by car, all services. 3 blocks from Interamerica pave road.

San Jose de Upala is a good place to visit and live if you want to explore rural Costa Rica while enjoying all the comforts of a small town.

More picture :

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Asking price: $180 000

Total Area of the Ranch: 5.5 hect

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2 Responses to Amapola Ranch In Upala, Alajuela For Sale

  1. botip says:

    Beautiful place. Me and my wife are exploring the possibility of moving to Costa Rica.

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